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Aine is a workplace architecture studio that needed a makeover that would allow it to give a consolidated image while also transmitting its values. We did a conceptual work where we determined that Aine is design, technology, research, contemporaneity, avant-garde. It is cleanliness, pampering, security, trust. It is harmony.

For an architect like Le Corbusier, workspaces were a metaphysical matter for whoever used them, regardless of position or hierarchy: from top managers to occasional visitors. The workplace in general is the place where we spend the most time of the day. That is the inspiration of this work: Aine’s ability to project the workspace further.

Our work for Aine:

  • Audit and Strategy 360ยบ
  • Logotype
  • Brand manual and applications
  • Digital brochure
  • Website
  • Media campaign (ads on newspapers, press release and Google Ads)