Òpera Lloguers

Òpera Lloguers is a company based in Girona, Spain, that rents household goods for events. GenÉthico is working on a global sustainability strategy for Òpera Lloguers since 2022. A strategic goal for 2023 was to communicate the company’s new branding and the sustainability key points that they are working on. When they contacted me, I suggested to take the opportunity to also update their website’s technology and the catalogue’s usability, as the website is the main lead generation channel of the company. I designed and developed a website with the following features:

  • The right side of the main menu serves the lead generation: catalogue, quote, and product search.
  • The left side of the main menu is dedicated to the company’s image and communications.
  • It describes the process of the online quote request on the homepage and the quote page.
  • It improve the catalogue’s usability reducing the number of clicks and the number of screens load when navigating categories and subcategories.
  • It has a customized navigation system for the catalogue using dropdowns and a sticky column.
  • It is translated in 4 languages: Catalan, Spanish, French and English.
  • It has a responsive design and mobile-only content.
  • All the elements of the site are 100% customized with the new branding.
  • It is accessible. 

The website solved the company’s communications challenges and has improved the catalogue navigation. It generates more quote requests and, therefore, develops more business.

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